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Welcome to Kiki's Kitchen

Soup! It's good for your soul. Fresh. Local. Organic. Vegan. Our mission is to deliver delicious, satisfying and healthy food to everyone.  Using only the best quality organic ingredients, locally sourced wherever possible, our soups are hand-crafted in North Vancouver and delivered right to your door. Fresh, Local, Organic. Vegan. Healthy. DELICIOUS. That's the most important part - our food is delicious.

About 10 years ago my sister was diagnosed with several food allergies and sensitivities.  Suddenly eating and preparing food for herself became much more difficult.  Throw in the fact she does not really like cooking AT ALL and what you get is someone eating the same boring stuff day after day after day.  So I started cooking for her – experimenting with vegetarian and vegan dishes, reformulating family favourites using ingredients she could eat and removing the ones she can’t – eggs, cow dairy, wheat.  It was challenging but rewarding and soon everyone at the table was eating “Paula’s Food” (when she would share!) and loving it.  There is a misconception out there I think that healthy, organic, vegan, gluten free equals boring and tasteless.  WRONG!  Healthy food is delicious food, period.

Which brings us to Kiki’s Kitchen – preparing and delivering healthy and delicious food right to your door.  We have started with soups – rotating flavours depending on the season and availability of ingredients – and will be expanding in the coming months.  We all feel better, sleep better, work better, play better,  are just better when we eat better.  Kiki’s Kitchen can help you do just that – eat better.