Jackfruit Curry

Not too spicy, not too sweet, this Jackfruit Curry is just right! This creamy curry with coconut milk, chickpeas, tomatoes, and jackfruit will leave even your non-vegan friends feeling full and happy.


If we’re craving something sweeter, we’ll serve it with sliced mangos and crushed cashews but if we’re in the mood for something spicy we’ll toss in some red chilli flakes and lime juice. Sometimes we serve this steaming with brown rice as a traditional curry or, depending on our mood, over fresh micro greens.




Warning! This curry is absolutely superb with a refreshing Pinot Gris so be prepared if you serve them together.­

Jackfruit Curry

  • Tomatoes*, Jackfruit, Chickpeas*,

    Coconut Milk*, Onions*, Cumin*, Garlic*,

    Coriander*, Turmeric*, Sea Salt, Ginger*,

    Cayenne Pepper*. *organic